Club and Show Rules

Club Requirements

  1. Must be registered through Teegle to be recognized.

  2. Maintain monthly meetings held on the Teegle sims.

  3. Meetings to be conducted in local chat and recorded for documentation purposes.

  4. Club Participation in the Teegle Quarterly Show. 

  5. Educate judges on your breed standards, and how you’re presenting them within SL ahead of and outside of active events.

  6. Provide regular practice, trainings, and events.

  7. Maintain a standard of ethics and sportsmanship

    1. Enforce policies to reduce avatar complexity and scripts during events.

    2. Only use judges who have been approved and trained by Teegle. 

    3. Distribute the sportsmanship guidelines to all members.

    4. Record and forward all complaints to the Teegle Hose Show Society.

  8. Be accessible and accommodating - eg. use text chat for hard of hearing and non native english speakers, do not exclude avatars (who are appropriately dressed) based on their avatar type

  9. Only one club for a breed or activity will be recognized, this is about community building and support.

  10. Clubs are to elect leadership on a regular cycle of every 3 to 6 months. 


Good Sportsmanship Requirements

  1. Arrive at events early and have your horse rezzed and tacked 15 minutes prior to event start time.

  2. Set aside time for your participation and support of the complete event. If you have to go afk, forfeit your spot and leave the ring. Do not expect the show to stop. 

  3. Follow the instructions of event staff, judges, and ring stewards at all times.

  4. Be respectful of staff and competitors at all times. 

  5. Be gracious in both defeat and in victory. Sulking, temper tantrums, gloating, and harassment will not be tolerated. 

  6. Reduce scripts, huds and unnecessary add-ons to reduce lag. (Club members will be required to stay within the standards set forth by the Teegle Horse Show Society.)


Forbidden Activities & Behavior

  1. Discrimination based on age, race, religion, ability, orientation or gender.

  2. All club activities are to be conducted in a manner suited to a General Sim as set by the SecondLife ToS.

  3. Clubs are not to be used for personal profit or business promotion.

  4. Private sims are not to be used to excerpt power and control over a club.

  5. Abusive Activities (including but not limited to): Griefing or sabotage of club events and shows. Stalking and harassing members you disagree with. Exhibiting poor sportsmanship. 


Please Note: Clubs violating the terms above will have their official recognition removed. 

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