T.O.Y.S. Qualifiers - Fall and Winter Circuit

Updated: Feb 16

Akhal-Teke- In- Hand:

  • “Lucid” (flare1127) handled by himself

English Pleasure - Akhal- Teke

  • ZA “Cross Dilemma” ridden by Ziel (ziel.omizu)

Arabian In- Hand:

  • "Kajetan" handled by Candi McCulloch (candi.melune)

  • Neverlands Moana Agata Handled by Candi (candi.melune)

  • Shelly (Shelinajewel) and Jahanara, Princess of Princesses" handled by darlingteagan

  • Dare Ya handled by Candi McCulloch (candi.melune)

  • Temptation's The Killer handled by Candi McCulloch (candi.melune)

  • Trouble Maker handled by Candi McCulloch (candi.melune)

English Pleasure- Arabian

  • "Theoden" ridden by Grace Winnfield

  • Neverlands "Moana Agata" ridden by Candi McCulloch (candi.melune)

  • Hydown Valentino ridden by Artemis

  • Beauty ridden by Damon Gibbs

Heavy Horses- In-Hand:

  • Darkly Dreaming (Clydesdale) handled by Shynne Nirvana

  • Hennessey Honey(Clydesdale) handled by Shynne Nirvana

  • Duncan (Clydesdale) handled by Colt Evans

  • Hydown Moonpie (American Cream) handled by Artemis

  • Bridgebank Harvester (Shire) owned by Winni Baxton

  • Chloe of the Shire (Shire) Handled by Colt Evans

  • Neverlands Diana + William (Shire) Handled by Candi McCulloch

Friesian Horse In-Hand:

  • Flash Handled by Perobas

  • Miss Eosa Handled by Candi McCulloch

  • Mr Runaway Handled by Mae Singer

  • Perobas handled by himself

  • The Lost Shadow (x0demonia0x) Handled by Zombiegal (Ayame Kintsugi-Moon)

  • Mink and Nightshade Handled by darlingteagan (Teagan Twospirit)

English Pleasure- Friesian Horse

  • Jana Lyon-Moon with Lost Shadow

  • Flash Handled by Perobas

  • “Ziel” handled by himself

  • Mink Handled by darlingteagan (Teagan Twospirit)

Friesian Horse- Driving

  • Flash Handled by Perobas

  • Mink Handled by darlingteagan (Teagan Twospirit)

Ridden Heavy Horse-

  • Valhalla (Clydesdale) handled by Jana Lyon-Moon

  • Bud-Wiser (Shire) handled by Grace Winnfield

  • Sigrid (Percheron) handled by Alexis Covington

Heavy Horse- Driving:

  • Hydown Moonpie (American Cream) handled by Artemis

  • Knight Sky (Percheron) Handled by Muffin

Hunter Horses- In-Hand

  • Sunday Best handled by Witchie

  • Nox handled by Ikari

  • Maya handled by Shadow Singer

  • Maple Stirrup handled by Potato Crisp

  • Forrest Jump handled by Potato Crisp

  • Lord Grantham handled by Witchie

Hunter Horses: English Pleasure

  • Chaos handled by Colt Evans

  • Hydown Dr. Who handled by Artemis

  • Link ridden by Grace Winfield

  • Neverlands Pandora ridden by Candi McCulloch

Hunter Horses: Hunter Hack

  • Lord Grantham handled by Witchie

Mountain and Moorland- British Spotted Pony In Hand

  • Dunkin Good Oreo Handled by BlayzeDragon Resident (Blayze Haven)

Mountain and Moorland- Dales In Hand

  • Neverlands Knotsridge Handled by candi.melune (Candi)

Mountain and Moorland- Dartmoor Pony In Hand

  • Charlotte Handled by Alexis Covington

Mountain and Moorland- Exmoor Pony In Hand

  • Moorcroft Queen of the Mist(MistyaBrume) Handled by Finn McCulloch

Mountain and Moorland-Fjord Pony In Hand

  • Punk isn't Dead Handled by lostinthought1117 (Colt Evans)

Mountain and Moorland- Highland Pony In Hand

  • Moorcroft April Morn Handled by Finn McCulloch

  • Misty handled by Fenrir

Mountain and Moorland- Shetland In Hand

  • Cer's Feargus bred by Cerdwin Flanagan owned by Ayame Kintsugi- Moon

  • Highfield Cruachan handled by Potato Crisp

  • Highfield Chieftan, handled by Finn

  • Neverland Badger handled by Colt

  • Neverlands Hooves of Chaos handled by Abby

  • Neverland Mr. Domino handled by Colt

  • Neverland Mr. W handled by Candi

  • Burney Peak handled by Shadow Singer

  • Scooby handled by Willow

Mountain and Moorland Small Pony Ridden:

  • Moorcroft Jacobite Handled by Finn McCulloch

  • Mother's Love handled by Teagan

  • Goldilocks handled by Willow

Mountain and Moorland Large Pony Ridden:

  • Neverlands Exridge Handled by candi.melune (Candi)

  • Misty handled by Fenrir

Mountain and Moorland Children's Pony Hack:

  • AnnieGraham Montgomery Handling Butterscotch

Mountain and Moorland Children's Pony Show Jumping

  • Mini Silver ridden by (melissabarker) Melly

Mountain and Moorland Driving for Small Pony

  • Finn McCulloch Handling Highfield Nemesia

Mountain and Moorland Driving for Large Pony

  • Moorcroft Queen of the Mist

  • Misty handled by Fenrir

Mythical- Styx- Classical - In-Hand

  • Ketsui Naidoo handling "Blossom"

  • Ketsui Naidoo handling "Bubbles"

  • Rhia Rose Battitude handling "Fossil"

Mythical-Styx-English Pleasure

  • Rhia Rose Battitude riding "Fossil"

Mythical- Unicorn- Classical - In-Hand

  • Ziel Omizu (Ziel) Handled by Kier

  • Will-O-Wisp Handled by Ariella Ravenheart (Ari Ella Battitude)

  • Lux Handled by lostinthought1117 (Colt Evans)

  • Peachy Keen & Blush Handled by Ketsui Naidoo

Mythical- Unicorn-Ridden

  • Ziel Omizu (Ziel) Handled by Kier

Mythical- Pegasus- Classical - In-Hand

  • Atreus Handled by Firewolfhikaru Resident (Hikaru Galaxis Sekkusu)

  • Gust Front Handled by Ketsui Naidoo

  • Medea the Victorious and Medeious the survivor Handled by darlingteagan (Teagan Twospirit)

Mythical- Pegasus-Ridden

  • Medea the Victorious Handled by darlingteagan (Teagan Twospirt)

Mythical- Creative- In-Hand:

  • Mr. Reginald Cornelius Jacobi Steex, esq. formally Susan handled by Ketsui Naidoo

  • "Dusk Till Dawn" (x0demonia0x) Handled by herself

Show Jumping:

  • Witchie on Sunday Best

  • Misty on Misty

  • Damon Gibbs on Butterscotch

  • Lucid, as themself

  • Grace on "Clementine"

  • Witchie on "La Cambria"

Stock Breeds-American Paint In-Hand:

  • AlexisCovington handling “Cameron”

  • Ayame Kintsugi-Moon handling "Sierra Nevada"

  • Teagan Twospirit handling "Shelly and Nandita"

English Pleasure- American Paint

  • Teagan Twospirit riding "Shelly"

Stock Breeds- Appaloosa In-Hand:

  • Colt Evans handling "Tsali"

  • Asha, handling herself as "Asha"

  • Ayame Kintsugi-Moon handling "Justa Spot and Little Ez"

English Pleasure -Appaloosa

  • Colt Evans riding "Tsali"

Warmbloods In-Hand:

  • Saint Valentine (Holsteiner) Handled by lostinthought1117 (Colt Evans)

  • Great Expectations (Holsteiner) Handled by lostinthought1117 (Colt Evans)

  • Nerva and Nesirah (Dutch Harness Horse) owned by Finn McCulloch

Warmbloods English Pleasure:

  • Mara Antiona Handled by darlingteagan(Teagan Twospirit)

Warmbloods Driving:

  • Mara Antiona Handled by darlingteagan(Teagan Twospirit)

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