Winter Classic- Show Jumping

Congratulations to all Show Jumping Competitors

Small Pony Jumping Results

1st Place with 43.98s (melissabarker) Melly on "Mini Silver" (T.O.Y.S. Qualifier)

2nd Place with 50.77s (birlest) Chelsea on "Nay Nay"

3rd Place with 52.80s (darlingteagan) Teagan Twospirit on "Mother's Love"

4th Place with 67.38s (blayzedragon) Blayze Haven on "Dunkin Good Oreo"

Teegle Avatar Novice

1st Place with 39.94s (flare1127) Lucid, as themself (T.O.Y.S. Qualifier)

2nd Place with 44.16s to Perobas

3rd Place with 44.30s (birlest) Chelsea on"Hibah"

4th Place with 68.26s (0xoxkittenxox0) Grace on "Hayzel"

TeeglePet -Novice

1st Place with 30.42s (grace.winnfield) Grace on "Clementine" (T.O.Y.S. Qualifier)

2nd Place with 33.29s (kyba.fireguard) Sebastian Sekkusu on "Azreal"

3rd Place with 42.40s (firewolfhikaru) Hikaru Galaxis Sekkusu on "Valor"

4th Place with 42.89s (melissabarker) Melly on "Silver Moon"

5th Place with 62.23s (muffin.margulies) Muffin on "Arion"

6th Place 80.96s Ariella.ravenheart) Ari Battitude on After the Rain

TeegleAvatar - Advanced

1st with 68.60s (mistyabrume) Misty, as themself (T.O.Y.S. Qualifier)

2nd with 85.55s (x0demonia0x) Jana Winchester, as "Black Ritual"

TeeglePet - Advanced

1st with 50.85s (witchcrafts) Witchie on "La Cambria"(T.O.Y.S. Qualifier)

2nd with 94.19s (shaldowsin) Sinder on "Take the Moon - Artemis"

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