Starting A Club

STEP 1 → Reach Out 

Contact the Teegle Horse Show Society about wanting to form a club, they will work with you to either green light the club, or direct you to a suitable club already formed.


STEP 2 → Meet Up

Hold your first meeting at the Teegle Clubhouse by contacting a Teegle Event manager,

who will make the event posting on your behalf.


STEP 3 → Organize Leadership

Vote on your initial leadership eg. a Club President and any supporting roles. 


STEP 4 → Set Breed Standards

Vote on a breed standards using a real life model.


STEP 5 → Register Guidelines

Submit your breed standard and showing guidelines to the Teegle Horse Show Society for approval.


STEP 6 → Schedule Events

After approval, start having events. Be sure to make efforts to not overlap with other events on the Teegle Calendar

Before You Submit Your Club Proposal

  • Make sure you have a very good idea of the real life standards of the breed, including the disciplines the breed is most often shown in.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Teegle Horse Showing Society rules.

  • Make sure you understand the various roles associated with the running of your future club.

  • Attend several of the Teegle Horse Showing Society clubs and classes.

  • Introduce yourself to the THSS Governing Body, who will help you get started.

Club Submission

Once you have read all relevant information on this website and with the breed or event you would like to base your club around, use the form below to submit your club proposal to THSS.

Club Standards

  • At your first club meeting, it will be your responsibility to work together with your club members to form the breed and showing standards for your new club.

  • These standards will be given to the judges as a guideline to judging your club's horses at their future shows.

  • We have provided a standard set of breed club standards which you may use as a starting point when creating your club's standards.

  • Work with your club members to fill out the standards form appropriate to your breed or group of breeds.

  • You may make changes to the suggested standards as needed or desired for your club, or may choose to leave them as-is. Level of detail on your club standards is up to the club members and club president.

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